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Adelaide Roller Derby Chicks :: Adelaide Professional Photography

Roller derby is alive and kicking in Adelaide. What is roller derby? Girls with skates (old-school roller skates).. Bashing each other, somehow collecting points… It’s also about the fashion, the scene, and perhaps the escapism; taking on an alter-ego and letting out some aggression.

On Sunday I did some photos of three derby-wannabes. Adelaide’s most well-known derby wannabes. See here >

The theme was army. I refrained from yelling “ATTENTION” in the park lands, but I did get the girls to lay in a creek. That’s armyish, right?



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Em - Joel, the session was so much fun and the black screen you brought with you was great. so was the frame – very creative!

Joel C - Glad you enjoyed the session, as did I! I’d like to get some action shots of an actual derby match..

Em - Well, you can try on March 20 or March 26 – they’re the first two ADRD bouts of the year. tix on sale from Feb 18 from Oztix 🙂

Leah - Love it 🙂 Your getting real good Joel 🙂 I like photo 8

Joel C - Thanks Leah! And thanks for checking out my blog.. Hope the flood waters have receded.

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