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Wedding stories from around Adelaide, Australia and other places. Some personal photography and stories. Adelaide wedding photographer’s blog.

Well-bred Winery Wedding at Woodstock :: 2010 Revisited

Sione and Steve held their ceremony and reception at Woodstock Winery near McLaren Vale. The wedding ceremony was on the lawns and we took photos around the gardens and vineyards and in the barrel room. They are a great couple with a lot of love, Steve really knows how to make Sione laugh.

McLaren Vale is fantastic location for wedding photography near Adelaide – on par with the Barossa Valley in terms of wineries, but with the added bonus of beaches close by and the lower Adelaide Hills.

Photos taken whilst on assignment with Photograft.

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Love in the Clare Valley :: Adelaide Wedding Photography

Tim & Helen were the kind of couple that shined in the loving-look department. They genuinely sank into each others eyes, and it made for great wedding photography. They held there wedding in the Clare Valley and we traveled little-known places around Sevenhill that were special to them. The ceremony was held at Pikes Winery, a decent location for ceremonies as it has a nice lawned area, old brick walls and buildings to use as backdrops and [of course] some vineyards.

Shot on assignment with Photograft.

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Old Housemates’ Wedding in Japan

At the end of 2009, before I thought of getting into the wedding photography industry, we traveled to Japan to attend the wedding of Chris and Yuka. The wedding was held in an all-in-one really really fancy/awesome kind of, almost, wedding theme park. After a church service with a small choir and various instruments played live, the reception was held in an English themed hall. It was a fantastic wedding – with the usual heart string pulling speeches the Japanese thrive on. Even guests who didn’t understand Japanese were crying.

Although now I am inspired by photographers such as Ryan Brenizer and Jonas Peterson, this photo made me want to create great wedding pictures; this is what started the journey for me. The joy of capturing a special moment can’t be beaten, and I’m always searching for that next better picture, the desire to capture these scenes is insatiable.

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The Beautiful Maslin Beach :: Adelaide Professional Photography

In November 2010 we helped organise and participated in the inaugural Maslin Beach Artists’ Exhibition. It was a real hit with locals, and people traveling through alike. We made a number of Maslin Beach themed calendars and these sold out (in fact we sadly had let a number of customers who called after seeing their friend’s calendars that we had sold out).

From these calendars  we’ve had a couple of orders for larger prints. But this picture was ordered at 40″, making it the biggest print we’ve made by 10″!

Thank you for your purchase Maggie and I hope you enjoy the scene for years to come.

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Yalumba Wedding :: Adelaide Wedding Photography

Yalumba is a great spot for wedding photography. The place is full of small gardens, old walls, wine barrels, monuments and buildings. And they make great wine and food. Only 1.5-2 hours north of Adelaide, its not too far out of the way either.

Daniel and Louise chose to share their day here as their father has worked at the winery for over 20 years. He even has a ‘signature’ series wine (which was of course served at the reception). They came back from London to hold their wedding at home, and guests came from all over Australia to share in their special day.

Later in the evening whilst exploring old wine tanks that have been renovated to become awesome private dining rooms, I stepped through a door that went into a tunnel. The tunnel was lit by white lights to the sides, and a staircase with rocks was at the end around 10m away. “Cool place to photograph,” I thought. I took 2 pictures and the door slammed shut behind me! It automatically locked, and had no door handle. I followed the tunnel and climbed the stairs, and came out on Yaumba’s factory floor, surrounded by machinery and thousands of bottles of wine. I found a fire escape and was free. I admired the moon, walked around buildings lost for 5 minutes before finding the reception hall again.

All photographs taken whilst on assignment with Photograft.

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Happy New Year :: Adelaide Wedding Photography

I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

We’re already getting inquiries for wedding bookings as far as October off. We are currently guaranteeing to beat any competitor’s price on wedding packages. Alas, this offer can’t last forever.

We also are happy to announce free engagement photo sessions, and a photo booth at your wedding reception. Call us for details (0432 887 362).

As we’ve changed servers to an Australian company in order to speed the site up for our customers, some content didn’t make the move across. So I’m going to post a number of Pic-of-the-Day posts to repopulate the homepage with pictures.

Today’s picture is the first family portrait taken this year; of my own family. We got up at 4.55 to drive up to Mt Lofty House and watch the first sunrise of 2011.

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