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Heysen Trail Part IV – Balquhidder West Campsite to Waitpinga Beach

My sister accompanied me. It was a different walk to the previous 3 Heysen trail legs. The landscape wasn’t as rigid and [probably because its winter] there were less animals and pretty much no flowers present. The trail passed through rolling hills and included Parsons Beach.

The leg took 2.5 hours, which is significantly shorter than previous legs. This was partly due to it being shorter, but mainly due to my sister setting a frenetic pace as she was afraid of arriving in Waitpinga after sunset and having to drive in the dark. She did stop briefly twice; once to swig her water, and once the save a suicidal inch ant from entering the surf on Waitpinga Beach.

For the photographers reading this, the wide angle shots were taken with a 28mm MF ai lens and the bird ones with macro 100mm. Wish I had a 600mm f/4 for the birds 😀

Balquhidder West - Heysen Trail

Balquhidder West Heysen Trail

Balquhidder West - Heysen Trail blog

Small creek Balquhidder West - Heysen Trail

Adelaide nature photography

Professioanl photography Heysen Trail landscape nature

Parsons Beach

Beach panorama - Parsons Beach South Australia

Adelaide Beach

Beach South Australia

Parsons Beach panorama landscape

Waitpinga view from clifftop

Beach abstract lighting

suicidal inch ant save by Eve

Waitpinga Beach surf

Seagull south australia

Waitpinga Beach landscape boardwalk

Clouds after sunset



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Mandi Glynn-Jones - WOW love this journey and the beautiful shots you’ve captured along the way – makes me want to walk those same steps.. and maybe stop and draw as I go!

vegiebug - I love that she appears to be powering ahead of you in every shot. I would have saved the little sucker too!

Hil - They are just beautiful photos. Love the one of the bird flying low.

Joel C - Thanks! The one flying low was a Gullzilla

Joel C - vegiebug – she was powering ahead! Panic-induced energetic hiking 😀 But was really enjoyable..

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