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Scooter madness

This past weekend was free, so we took the boys down to the skate park at West Beach. It gets busy early. After Tommo disassembled his scooter in the middle of one bowl, I went in to help him, and avoid a crash with the bigger kids who were whooshing past. Having broken my wrist a couple of months ago, I was not keen to attempt skating and risk another accident. However, as I negotiated the side of the bowl to get to Tommo I slipped up, dropping my $3000 worth of camera gear on the cement bottom, and hurting my back! It still hurts to sit, but I definitely don’t have a broken coccyx, so there’s an upside to everything.

“What about the gear?” I hear some unsympathetic readers ask. The batteries flew out of the flash, the camera body has some minor scuffs marks (revealing the magnesium alloy body under the rubber outer), and my rare 18mm prime lens has a scratch down the side, probably taking a couple of hundred dollars of its worth. But it all still works, perfectly!

The 4 year old dropping in on the bowl is Kane, a little champ – I won’t attempt it in my lifetime, he does it easily. The other characters are my son Tommo and some random kid doing backflips..

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Em - You didn’t think to put the camera down first!?

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