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Yalumba Wedding :: Adelaide Wedding Photography

Yalumba is a great spot for wedding photography. The place is full of small gardens, old walls, wine barrels, monuments and buildings. And they make great wine and food. Only 1.5-2 hours north of Adelaide, its not too far out of the way either.

Daniel and Louise chose to share their day here as their father has worked at the winery for over 20 years. He even has a ‘signature’ series wine (which was of course served at the reception). They came back from London to hold their wedding at home, and guests came from all over Australia to share in their special day.

Later in the evening whilst exploring old wine tanks that have been renovated to become awesome private dining rooms, I stepped through a door that went into a tunnel. The tunnel was lit by white lights to the sides, and a staircase with rocks was at the end around 10m away. “Cool place to photograph,” I thought. I took 2 pictures and the door slammed shut behind me! It automatically locked, and had no door handle. I followed the tunnel and climbed the stairs, and came out on Yaumba’s factory floor, surrounded by machinery and thousands of bottles of wine. I found a fire escape and was free. I admired the moon, walked around buildings lost for 5 minutes before finding the reception hall again.

All photographs taken whilst on assignment with Photograft.



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