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If we had our time over again

I’ve seen some pretty wicked and unique weddings around Adelaide, Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills, as well as attending a couple in Japan and one in Hawaii.

But if we had our time again, with what we know now, where and what style would my partner and I do? Here’s our top three:

3. Ceremony on a moving bus, travelling a scenic a route – perhaps The Great Ocean Rd.

The aisle would be the aisle and the background would be out the front windscreen – nice and varied scenes. Being seated may be a requirement which is undesirable, but the kiss across the aisle would make a sweet photograph.

2. Antarctica – under auroras.

Cold, yes, but imagine the spectacular photos under the perpetual semi-night sky! And fashionable wooly formal wear. And polar bears – or penguins – whatever!

1. What we actually did – ceremony on a clifftop at one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches.

Followed by a relaxed reception at a surf life saving club, watching the sun set over the ocean. Then eating, drinking and dancing with close friends and family into the night.

Not as spectacular as Antarctica or a moving bus, but no regrets!


What unique or fun ideas do you have for a wedding day? Feel free to share them below.



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Timothy Kaldas - I love the antartica idea. I wish I could shoot a wedding there. The sky is gorgeous.

Caroline - Unlike you, I DID regret having my wedding where I did. I would have done so many things differently. My husband and I now (about 10 years later) are so different than when we first got married at 19 & 20. Antartica would have been so neat.

Joel C - Sorry to hear that Caroline – may be you could do a ‘renewal of vows’ ceremony sometime in the future…

Anton Chia - I love anything that is out of the ordinary and not run of the mill! More importantly have a great photographer capture it!

Johanna - As a person regretting some of the choices we made with our wedding… We’re renewing our vows and it’s going to be in Lapland, Finland. Not exactly Antarctica, but close 😀

Eve Yllanside - I’ve been trying to convince friends of mine to have an “anti-wedding”. All the guests would come as brides and grooms and the couple themselves (who never want to marry) could wear their normal surfie attire and do tongue-in-cheek anti-vows.

Thi Trieu - On a cruise boat! wedding and honeymoon in one. Buffet, room service and someone to make my bed everyday, yes please 🙂

Joel C - Very practical, but a great idea none-the-less. Does the photographer travel 1st class?

Joel C - Very different – would make for some awesome groups photos too..

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